Group multiple image panels together to create a striking sleek display for your home or office. Use multiple photos or a single image split into smaller parts to create a unified piece of wall art. The collages are available in an array of sizes and configurations and come with preinstalled collage mounts on each panel.




The brilliant glossy surface provides high contrast, immaculate detail and vibrancy.


The semi gloss surface qualities are similar to the glossy, maintaining incredible detail and vibrant colors, but with less sheen.


Our matte finish has a silky soft appearance with a lesser degree of glare.



Sheer Glossy

Similar to the glossy surface, this finish is high in contrast, detail and vibrancy with a lustrous sheen.

Sheer Semi-Gloss

The sheer semi-gloss metal finish allows the aluminum texture through your image with a slight luster to enhance color and detail, but with minimal glare.

Sheer Matte

The Sheer Matte finish has a distinct industrial feel with the same aluminum texture with a smooth, even finish, highlighting the beautifully raw qualities of the metal.



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